There is nothing worse than when your vehicle begins to rust!  Is there anything that is more unsightly on a car than rusting metal?  If your vehicle is left without rustproofing, the following harmful impacts may occur:

  • Ruin the look of the vehicle’s exterior
  • Corrode hinges
  • Eat holes straight through the metal
  • Decrease the vehicle’s value

Any vehicle can show the ill-effects rust causes.  But the more time that passes, the harder this result is to avoid.  Why bother to care about it if this is nature’s way of telling you how old your vehicle is?  Because the image that your vehicle presents is YOUR image!



High Definition Detailing is here to offer you the option of rustproofing your vehicle in order to prevent the inevitability of corrosion.  Although we are happy to do all of your detailing work, why wait until you NEED something fixed when you can easily prevent it?


When High Definition Detailing provides rustproofing for your vehicle, we can help keep your vehicle looking better than new.  If you leave it to us, you will discover that our work it top notch.  A rustproofing job from our team of detailers may just be the shot in the arm that your vehicle needs!

Latest Posts on Rust Proofing

Rustproofing a Truck the Right Way

This shows a rustproofing job completed at High Definition Detailing. The truck had been rustproofed once before, by the dealership, but we found little evidence of it having been done (plus the truck was starting to rust). We made sure to saturate all the doors, panels and chassis.We’ll never take shortcuts or drill holes in your vehicle and we use only the best rust inhibiting grease (Texaco Compound L).


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